High School Yearbook Sales

Aug 31, 2022

Students that want to purchase a high school yearbook please click the image to see the current discounts.  Be reminded that each month the discounts change.  The earlier you order the better the discount.

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High School Tap Water Results

West Holmes High School is a public water system (PWS) responsible for providing drinking water that meets state and federal standards. Drinking water samples were collected and results are summarized in this PDF.


Attention Parents: All students entering Grades 7-12 must be immunized. Immunizations may be available through your child’s primary healthcare provider. At this time, the Holmes County Health District is not offering outreach immunization clinics. Continue to monitor...

Identifying Special Needs Children

In an effort to serve young people with disabilities, school districts in Ohio are in the process of locating and evaluating children from birth through 21 years of age. Disabilities may include developmental delays, health impairments, autism and traumatic brain...